FAQ: Tariffs

  • Why is Expat Mobile cheaper?

    We work with a very small team and a small overheads. Also, we spend less on marketing. Therefore we lower costs in order not to have to overcharge the customer.

  • How much can I save by using Expat Mobile?

    Dig up a few recent phone bills and contact us - we will make an objective comparison for you - free of charge.

  • Tariffs

    Check out our GoDutch S/M/L Factsheet

  • How do I calculate my data usage?

    Data usage often is underestimated. A WhatsApp message, ping or plain text e-mail is usually just 0.01 MB, but a image or photo easily will consume 0.5 MB. If you listening to music or watch a videos you will consume lots more - even a few minutes can already usa several MBs. Most phones have a menu where you can check your data usage. On Android this menu is usually in the Network section.

  • Why do you use a Fair Use Policy (FUP)?

    A Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to the voice traffic of certain subscriptions. The Fair Use Policy is part of our terms and conditions and means that voice, SMS and data usage may be up to 10 times the average usage of all our users. The Fair Use Policy is to ensure that all our customers can use our subscriptions in a normal way - it is a principle used by all Dutch providers, although they may not be as open about it as we are.
    We reserve the right to measure traffic to determine whether the customer adheres to this "fair use" policy. If the customer exceeds the average usage of all users over 10 times, we are entitled to charge the "outside of bundle" fee for use above these standards. It is also possible for us to make traffic (temporarily) impossible if the customer is in violation of this "fair use" policy.

  • Where can I see my current usage?

    You can check the status of your usage 24 hours per day on My Mobile. The usage is specified per number and call type. The displayed usage is delayed by at least one hour.