Our Partners

We value our partners. Below we have summarized the companies we work with intensively:



IN Amsterdam
– Our partner IN Amsterdam (formerly ‘Expatcenter Amsterdam’) offers helpful information and contact details of local expat-related service providers in the Amsterdam Area.




Expat Help
 – Our partner Expat Help offers help to expats, and companies who employ expats, with relocation, housing, schooling, and tax in The Netherlands.




Expat Mortgages
 –  You may not understand all Dutch habits. As long as you do understand everything about your mortgage. Our partner Expat Mortgages is the # 1 company for financing your home abroad. The simple and fast way to your mortgage in The Netherlands.



Tulip Expats Services –  Our partner Tulip Expats Services provides professional advice with a personal touch to those who wish to work and live in the Netherlands in order to help them settle in their new environment. HOLLAND MADE EASY! TES makes Holland easy for you to work and live here. They are the one-stop-shop for internationals!




– Our partner Whello is a full-service online marketing agency in Amsterdam and specialized in reaching out to Expats via online and social media.



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